Oil Industry Forces Shutdown of City Council Meeting for Vote on the Clear Skies Ordinance

The oil industry prevented the South Portland City Council from taking the first of two scheduled votes on the Clear Skies Ordinance, a new ordinance designed to protect the city from tar sands. The Council delayed the meeting until Wednesday night, 7/9/14 at 7 p.m. The location of the meeting has not been announced.

Members of the oil industry showed up to City Hall early to take the seats South Portland residents use to attend workshops and meetings. When South Portland residents showed up there were not enough seats remaining for the public to attend the meeting. The City Council decided to postpone their first vote on the Clear Skies Ordinance so a larger venue could be used and South Portland residents could attend the meeting.

The rescheduled vote will take place on Wednesday night (7/9/14) at 7 pm at a location to be announced.

All Protect South Portland supporters are encouraged to be in attendance to demonstrate, once again, that we care for the community we live in and we support this ordinance. 

“We’re disappointed that the oil industry came in at the 11th hour with people who don’t live in our city to shut down the City Council’s meeting,” said Mary Jane Ferrier, spokesperson for Protect South Portland. “But we’re not at all deterred and will be back in two nights to encourage the City Council to pass this straightforward ordinance to keep toxic tar sands out of our city.”

“It’s simply disrespectful of the Council, Draft Ordinance Committee, and all of us who came out tonight, as we’ve been doing for more than a year, to raise our concerns about air pollution from towering tar sands smokestacks next to Bug Light,” said Cathy Chapman of South Portland. 

Stay tuned for the PSP updates re: the location of the next meeting. 

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